Thursday, July 30, 2009

Work on the dress - at work!

One of the pro's of being my own boss is that I got to spend some of yesterday sewing 'L's ball dress while I should have been working! (one of the con's is that no one else will pick up the slack! It was all waiting for me this morning Lol) It also helps that the friend I am making the dress for is my business partners daughter!

I made good progress on the dress; I had already interlined the bodice pieces with a lining fabric, I made my own fusible bias tape and fused it to the interlining (silly me didn't think to measure though and when I stitched my 5/8" seam I missed the fusible altogether!).

I stitched the bodice and lining pieces together, understitched the neckline and armhole edges as far as I could reach, made the piping for the empire seam and made the drape.

The drape turned out to be much easier than I expected, I folded the fabric in half along the bias to make a triangle and then stitched both sides, leaving a small opening at the tip of the triangles - the drape will be stitched in to the shoulders about 11" down from each point so I knowI will be cutting some off.I have fitted the skirt and today (another work day!!) will overlock the edges - we are not lining the skirt as the fabric is so heavy - and stitch the skirt to the bodice. Tonights job will be to insert the invisible zip (oh what fun, with a piped seam to have to match it might take me all night!) L will come for a fitting later on this evening and we will sort out the hem length with her shoes and also make a final decision on how long she wants the drape. With luck all I will have left to do on Friday is stitch the drape in at the shoulders (which I have left open) and hem it. I am going to do a rolled hem on the overlocker because I don't want to machine it and hand stitches will show - plus I don't have a lot of time!

I will post photos once it is finished!

Eta; I didn't get anything done at work as I had forgotten my tool for taking the 2nd needle out of my overlocker and it just didn't stitch well with two needles but only one threaded! I could have used 4 threads to neaten but didn't think about that til later - duh!

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