Sunday, July 19, 2009

I have started... on the school ball dress for my friend. In the photo you can see the lovely fabric she has chosen, oyster coloured heavy satin with a lovely chocolate brown as the hood lining and the band under the bust. The pattern - BWOF 12/08 #109 - has a shawl collar and is empire line - I am hoping I can extend the collar to make it into a hood, she said she wants it to look like the kind of hood there is on a graduation gown, I think they are pointed? Will have to research that a bit - never having graduated!

I have almost finished tracing the pattern, we are using the skirt style from BWOF 12/08 #104 and shortening it to knee length. My first job will be to make a muslin - of course :-) 'L' has slim hips but is generous in the bust area and I will probably need to alter for that - I hope the style doesn't cause problems with being too revealing, time will tell - and I don't have much of that! As this is a quick job and the satin is so heavy, we have decided not to line the skirt part of the dress, just the bodice.

Tomorrow I will have a play with some muslin and see if I can come up with an extension of the collar to make the hood, I don't think she wants to wear it, just have it as a feature - but I had better check that first!


Sharon said...

This sounds so wonderful and my colours. I can't wait to see how it turns out and sorry can't help with the hood, I didn't graduate either :)

kiltsnquilts said...

Sharon, I am so excited to have another follower on my blog Lol! I got such a lovely surprise when I saw your comment :-) I may go over to Stitchers Guild and ask for advice - that is where I know you from isn't it?

Sharon said...

Kiltsnquilts, I feel the same way when I see I have followers and yes you do know me from Stitchers Guild :)I will be interested to see what the girls at SG advise as this outfit sounds wonderful.