Wednesday, July 15, 2009

To List or not to List

That is the question. I am deliberating over whether or not to list my current projects in progress. One of the reasons for starting a blog - although far from being the main reason - is to encourage/help/shame me into finishing some (or maybe all?) of my many projects. Will having them listed on here help me? Or will it work to my disadvantage? I will ponder a while longer on that one.
Meanwhile, I have agreed (in a mad moment) to make a ball dress for a young friend - by 1st August! She wants a fairly simple style but wants me to add a hood - a hood on a ball dress? Original I suppose! We have bought the fabric and I have a pattern in a BWOF that I can use for the main part of the dress - now I just have to make/start it!!

Watch this space.

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