Friday, July 24, 2009

New patterns & WIAW fabric.

This is my fabric for two or possibly three components of my August WIAW. They are both knit fabrics and go together really well. The plain knit will become Simplicity 2603 from my previous post, along with a plain top, possibly the tank that goes with said pattern. The patterned knit will be another top, yet to be decided. I am not sure yet what I will make as item 4, it will obviously be a bottom half garment of some kind - what kind, I dont yet know.

I took advantage of a recent offer on when they had Simplicity patterns at only US$1.99. I bought 7 new patterns, amazingly 3 of them were dress patterns! I am determined to make myself some dresses this summer and would particularly like a maxi dress. I also plan to use some of my fabric 'collection' because I have decided that I won't save fabric anymore - if I like it I will use it, as long as it is suitable for the pattern that is!

P.S. I am getting seriously frustrated with putting photos where I want them in my posts! Any advice anyone??


Sharon said...

Love the colours of your knits.

I am also keen to see if anyone has tips for the placement of photos, it takes me ages LOL.

kiltsnquilts said...

ha, glad I am not the only one! I can never get the photo to go where I want it and it always moves my text, esp if I want to put more than one in! thanks, they are new colours for me since I stopped colouring my hair, i love them too!

toy said...

i love that printed fabric those colors just jumps of the screen of my computer. beautiful