Sunday, August 22, 2010

Latest knitting

I usually have some knitting on the go, although I don't always think to blog about it! My latest project is a snuggle sack for my new niece or nephew who is due to arrive in about 4 weeks time. I just couldn't resist this beautiful pattern and yarn combination - and doesn't that baby look so cosy? Makes you want to climb in, doesn't it? Although, I would only get one foot in it so not much point really Lol.I am using a 60cm interchangeable needle, I have recently treated myself to some Knit Pro Symfonie Wood needles and I love them. In fact, we have decided to stock them in the shop as we are so in love with them :-) Seems like we aren't the only ones as they are already selling well.

The colour isn't that great in this shot. The pattern instructions have you knit 3 seperate pieces for this item!? A circular base, a rectangle for the main part and then a ribbed top. Then you are told to stitch all the pieces together. Why would you want all those seams in an item like this? And why would you want all that extra work?
It made absolutely no sense to me, so I didn't cast off the base, just increased the 6 extra stitches on my last row and am knitting the main part in the round, then I will only need to increase 1 stitch before doing the seams at all!

The yarn is a new one to us in the shop. It is a 4 ply Machine Washable (got to love that!) NZ Merino, Alpaca & Possum (with a small amount of nylon to make it suitable for socks) It is already proving very popular and while knitting with it I can totally see why. Beautiful colours and so lovely to knit with.

The pattern isn't easy to see in this colourway but it gives a lovely feel to the knitting. It is knitted at a slightly loose tension which makes it feel very soft and 'snuggly' :-)
I am also working on another item for the same baby which has been a real labour of love over the past 6 or 7 months, I have had to work on other things in between as I needed small breaks from it. It is almost finished so I will show you once it is blocked - I love it and can't wait to give it to my Brother and SIL as I know they will too.