Thursday, July 23, 2009

I've been and gone and done it!

Joined the August Wardrobe In A Week (WIAW) contest over at Stitchers Guild, that is! After failing miserably to complete last years June Capsule Contest and this years SWAP, I think this is slightly more achievable. We get a week to prepare during which time we can cut out, fuse interfacing, mark darts etc - anything that isn't actual 'fabric piercing sewing'. Then we get a week to put the garments together - sounds like plenty of time..........right?

I would normally never attempt to use a new pattern for pressure sewing - but I have just received this pattern, Simplicity 2603 which I have been waiting impatiently for. It looks fairly simple, no real fitting involved and I have the perfect teal drapey knit for it. I will do a t-shirt or tank in the same fabric and I have a lovely print knit that matches really well, that may become another top to go underneath or I may decide to do two bottom pieces. At this stage they would be a skirt and a pair of pants, both in charcoal which is going to be my new neutral.

I will post a photo of the fabrics tomorrow - after I have finished the muslin for 'L's dress as she is coming for her first fitting tomorrow after work! Fingers crossed!


Sharon said...

I've also signed up for the WIAW and you are further ahead than me with your ideas. Like the sound of the teal.

kiltsnquilts said...

Thanks Sharon, I think the teal will work well. My only reservation is that it might be too heavy, there is a lot of fabric in that wrap/cardi! I will soon find out :-)