Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Retreat - what a treat!

What a great weekend we all had! Although I didn't arrive until lunchtime on Saturday, I still got lots done - in fact everything I took with me to do except for finishing the binding on the quilt, I have still got to hand sew about half of it down.

We stayed up until about midnight on Saturday (as predicted by Isobel, whose house we were at!) and even managed to watch the rugby in between stitching! By the way, in my previous post I said that Isobel would be watching a cricket test match - I was wrong, it was the rugby test match, and the All Blacks won!
I finished my pattern weights and will post the tutorial tomorrow - although they are very simple so I don't want anyone to think I am being patronising :-)
So, to finish off I will share a few pics of the weekend - and at the end show you the reason why it was hard to concentrate on sewing during the day when it was light, although my machine was facing the view so all I had to do was look up! Warning - pic heavy!

Chocolate quilt top almost finished - just borders to add.

Billy took a liking to it too!
Grommett bag finished - sorry for the sideways pic!

Fabric weights done!
Our sewing area - Isobel's lounge! 3 tables forming a T shape, perfect!
Head's down!
.......decisions! 3 heads are better than 1.
The view! Even though we live at the base of this mountain and see it most days (weather permitting!) it is still a stunning sight and always a distraction!

Covered in snow and a bit of cloud.


gwensews said...

What a beautiful setting! And it sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. Good for you!

Heather said...

Gorgeous view and excellent progress on your projects!

Sharon said...

You achieved a lot during your weekend and sounds like you had a fantastic time.

Debbie said...

you were quick with the camera!! didn't even see you, we were concentrating so hard, drooling over all that Kaffe Fassett fabric.