Friday, August 21, 2009

Rev your engines, put your pedal to the metal!

It is Friday 21st August and as of 7am I can (could have!) officially started sewing for Wardrobe In A Week! I haven't got anything else done this week, not sure if it is because the things I want to make are cut out waiting for WIAW? I did have plans to cut out my Pamela's Patterns t-shirt and tank but didn't get round to it!

I am off this weekend for a sewing weekend with friends but I won't take my garments as this is mainly a patchwork weekend - not that I couldn't if I wanted to, but taking my overlocker and all the threads I will need, and also trying on during the sewing process (which I always like to do - just in case Lol!) is something I would rather do in my own place. Instead I am going to work on some projects for the shop:
a bag with grommets for the handles to go through,

a quilt in the chocolate fabric we had recently,

also, these square washers will become more fabric weights! 10 minute job :-)
I am not sure if I will get them all done - the quilt has only got to be joined together which will only take about half an hour - another half hour if I want to add my borders (which I probably should while I am working on it :-)) but the bag has to be quilted with a grid pattern and then a diagonal grid pattern - lots of quilting, must remember my walking foot! I will do the quilt and the fabric weights first then work on the bag. Isobel has assured us she will be up until at least midnight as there is a cricket test match on - and she is a BIG cricket fan! I will post some pics when I get back, note to self; don't forget to take camera!!


Debbie said...

The fabric weights are going to look really cool. Where did you get the metal washers, hint, hint!!! Can't wait to see the chocolate quilt in all it's splendour after seeing it cut out yesterday. See you soon, oh about 15 minutes time. Better get the stamping stuff ready and put the kettle on!

gwensews said...

I have not seen square washers. I want.

Sharon said...

You have done it now with the square washers, please share :)

I am organising a weekend away with my sewing buddies in November at Parramatta in Australia and we have a mixture of sewers, quilters and a cross-stitcher attends. Enjoy your weekend.

kiltsnquilts said...

Ok girls, watch this space for info about the square washers and how I cover them. Sharon, I hope you have a lovely weekend away with your buddies - it really is bliss to have a whole weekend to sew, isn't it? :-)

Sharon said...

Thank you Kiltsnquilts, I will start haunting those hardware stores to see if I can find some and then keep a close eye out for your tutorial.

Yes, we try and get away for 1 weekend a year to sew and it is just a fantastic time shared with brilliant friends.