Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Simplicity 2603 - finished, I think?!

Over the weekend I put together Simplicity 2603. It went together very fast, partly because I didn't bother with any kind of edge finish. I decided to wear it today to see if I liked it that way, and I think that I do. I am not sure if I would leave it unfinished in a different fabric, but in this strange nylon/polyester type knit it seems to be ok.

This is it left loose - not sure it is very flattering so probably won't wear it this way too often.

I had originally made this up as a test run for the August WIAW over on Stitchers Guild, but now I have made it I am not sure I want another one! Also, the other fabric I had in mind is much heavier and would make it very weighty! Will have to think about it.

Also, on the advice of my eldest son, I shortened my denim skirt. He is my stylist too *smile*, I always know he will give me an honest opinion, and he cares! He is also one of those unusual breed of (straight) young men who are quite happy to go clothes shopping, hang about outside the changing rooms, get a bigger size (don't usually need a smaller one, Lol) etc. I tried it on with my new boots and he said it was too long, so I whizzed round the bottom on the overlocker and took off about 3 inches! Of course, because it is my down and dirty denim skirt, I didn't bother changing the red thread that was already in the machine - after all it is my down and dirty denim skirt!

A word about the photo's, I felt very strange having a photo taken for my blog, I asked my son to take it as I had no luck with the mirror!!! I will have to get myself a tripod - I am sure I will get more comfortable with practice :-)


Sharon said...

That top looks great on you and why hem it when the RTW don't and charge you top dollar as well. I can also understand why you don't need two, but then you can never have too many shrugs/jackets as far as I am concerned.

I purchased a small "Gorilla" tripod that lets you wraps the legs around objects so you can position it nearly anywhere as I am more comfortable getting my pictures for my blog using this than asking DH :-)

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

The top looks great both ways. I love the fabric and the colour. It is great to see such lovely photos of you.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Hi there (again)
The skirt you commented on my blog yesterday is blue and silver and has a blue underskirt attached which gives it extra substances. Although it does fly up a la Marilym Monroe when it is windy!
I would love to see you make a circle scarf. I love mine.

Modest Mom said...

I love this red on you. I think I may look for this pattern because it looks like a greatly versatile piece.

Tany said...

The cardigan looks awesome on you! Great job!

Christina said...

Your cardigan is definitely a winner - I do like that shorter length.