Friday, August 21, 2009

Square washers and my Friday morning

Goodness, I never knew square washers would have caused such excitement Lol! They measure about 2" square and have a hole in the middle - they came from the deep, dark, depths of our garage where my husband stores all sorts of rubbish - sorry, important items! He says you should be able to pick them up from a hardware store like Placemakers etc. I used two together for my pattern weights. Now..... I don't want to teach anyone to suck eggs, but I will take some photo's of how I cover them and post them here on Sunday/Monday. I really do find them the best weights for my dressmaking as they are flat. I have some filled with sand/granuals of some sort but they are too high and get in the way, these are perfect for me.
On to photo's of my morning at Debbie's house for a project we have been trying to get together to make for ages! It was a class with Sharlene but we had to postpone one or two (or more :-)) times! It did take us a little longer than we thought it would although it was the first time - second time is always faster! Mind you, it was all cut out for us too, so perhaps it will not be quicker the next time :-) This is a great little gift, all it needs is a pack of stamps and the envelopes for the cards and that's it.

A good way to spend part of my day off, I am now going to adjourn to my sewing room and do some work on my first WIAW garment. See you soon :-)


The Writing Instinct said...

Very, very pretty!

gwensews said...

That's a lovely gift. I'd like one myself! Anyone would.