Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pamela's patterns, Simplicity 4076 & meet my new pet!

Phew, long title! I didn't think they would make decent posts separately so I lumped them all together :-)

My Pamela's patterns arrived today. I got a lovely surprise as I had completely forgotten I had even ordered them! I am keen to test them out so I might see if I have got some time during my WIAW prep week, it all depends on how long it takes me to cut out my garments and 'prep' them.

I have almost finished Simplicity 4076. I tried it on tonight to check hems etc - and it is quite snug and a little bit short in the body. The hem as it is now, just overlocked but not turned up, is a bit shorter than I would wear but I could put up with it and would wear it as is, no hem. I think next time I will cut out the 16 right up to the underarm, then the 14 around the armhole and neck. Apart from that I really like it and will definitely be making more. This one will hang in my sewing room until I lose a little weight (and a few inches in height Lol).

One thing I didn't like was their instructions for the neck band. They wanted me to stitch the band on and then turn the seam allowance away from the neck and top stitch close to the seam - this would have meant stitching over the gathers - made no sense to me?! So, I left it unstitched.

Finally, meet my Gorilla :-)) I decided it might help if I got myself a tripod to take my own photo's with, this gorillapod was in the camera shop across the road so I thought I would give it a home. I have yet to try it out. I think I will also have to consider a remote for my camera, if I can get one for it.

So, Friday is my day off (yay, I had to work last week so am really looking forward to this week!) and also the start of the August WIAW over on Stitchers Guild, so I will be spending a good bit of my day 'prepping' my choices - and likely changing my mind a few times - well, isn't that a sewist's perogative?? :-)


Sharon said...

Your top looks great, I love the colour.

I love using my gorilla and I also need to see if I can get a remote for my camera, the self-timer option gets challenging at times.

Enjoy Friday, I just have to be happy that DH is away for 9 days and can focus on the WIAW.

The Writing Instinct said...

Great colour on that top. I am now a follower...maybe I can learn a thing or two re: sewing!

Best wishes,

kiltsnquilts said...

Ooh Sharon, 9 days of uninterrupted sewing bliss?? Not that I wouldn't want my DH around, but 9 days to please myself? Wouldn't mind once in a while :-))
Mervat, welcome and thank you :-)

Karen said...

I haven't tried any of Pamela's patterns, but those look interesting. And I like your top.

Thanks for the comment on my blog - the white blouse is BWOF 3/06 #104.