Sunday, April 25, 2010

New patterns and plans

I want to make another cardi-wrap. I think I will use this luscious rich purple. I might have enough to make a plain tee for under it also. I have yet to perfect a t-shirt pattern but think I will make it my winter project - nice and simple Lol! I have Pamela's Patterns Perfect T-shirt and Versatile Twin Set so will start with that. it would be good to have a 'go to' tank and t pattern for those times I just feel like making something fast.

In fact, I think I might make a start this afternoon! I am itching to sew something...the kilt I am altering is ready for a fitting so he is coming tomorrow evening, it will only need a couple of hours work once I know it fits. I have finished and delivered the tie back(s). There are a few other pending alteration/mending jobs to be done but I will tackle them one by one.

Actually, I really like the look of the bolero jacket on the Twin Set pattern - hadn't taken much notice of it before...but with long sleeves it would make a great addition to my winter wardrobe! Hmm, wonder if I can get hold of any of the $10 a metre Merino from Global fabrics??!!!

When these patterns got delivered I had completely forgotten I had even ordered them! I love the simple lines of the skirt and think it could be a very versatile pattern. The Cynthia Rowley jacket I love for the details but would need to make it slightly more shaped at the waist for me. For the life of me I can't imagine why I ordered the Vogue dress...............does anyone else have any idea Lol??? I know it wasn't for the jacket as it is about as wrong for my shape as you can get! Oh well, I will put it with my other patterns for now - maybe my memory will return!

OK, off to the sewing room now with visits in-between to the kitchen as I must do some baking today. The biscuit tin is empty and I also want to make a big batch of veg soup. We are having haggis for dinner - DH has had a tin (not as good as the real thing!) in the pantry for ages and we keep forgetting it is there. So, haggis, mashed tatties and mashed swede (no neeps to be had :-))


Sharon said...

I'm just finishing up the cardi and top with sleeves for myself in a brown jersey. Love the purple you are proposing.

The jacket on the Cynthia Rowley pattern was made up by two people in the PR Mini Wardrobe contest and they look fabulous.

Sorry no help on why you purchased the Vogue :)

I'm also heading back into the sewing room now that I have got the Beef Goulash in the oven.

Have a productive weekend.

The Writing Instinct said...

I recently purchased a warp-around cardi in a deep maroon and it is one of the best buys I have ever made. In the winter months I can't seem to take it off!