Sunday, April 18, 2010


...finding my way back to doing some sewing! I am not going to comment on how long it has been since my last post, or my lost mojo etc!

This weekend I had a couple of jobs I needed to get done. One of them was a pair of curtain tie backs for friends - I made them some a few months ago and they realised they hadn't asked me to make enough. Unfortunately the last pair took forever to finish - I just haven't been in my sewing room lately and on the odd occasion I have I would see the fabric mocking me and then promptly forget again as soon as I walked out!! The situation wasn't helped by the fact that, for some reason, I thought they only needed one more tie back - I proudly presented them with it on Friday and they had to break the news to me that I was one short!! Why on earth would I imagine they would only need one tie back?? Don't ask me! Anyway, I finished it today.

The second job is a kilt alteration. I have been putting this off - although I don't know why, why do we procrastinate about things when it is so much easier to 'just do it'?! So, Friday morning I unpicked the fringe and basted the new fold line (you can just see it in the pic). I am just off to do some more basting, the pleats need to be all basted to allow me to work with it without creasing, and also to press the kilt when I have finished. Not a huge job but it needs to be finished for a wedding next month and I am sure the groom is getting anxious. I have never missed a deadline yet :-)

I will have a few home dec jobs over the next few months but not big jobs, blinds to finish and curtains to make. We have decided to put our house on the market in the spring so have some 'little' jobs to do.

I am also excited for this afternoon as I am off to watch a good friend do a tandem skydive! She is one of our small sewing group and she had a big '0' birthday recently, we all clubbed together for a the way, her big '0' birthday was her 70th!! Photos will follow - promise!

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Genuine Lustre said...

Kilt school? Sigh!
My daughter is a good seamstress - it's in her blood--all her ancestors were in the tailoring trade. She is finishing up school and is looking to further her tailoring skills or somehow turn sewing into income. Maybe I should send her to Scotland.