Friday, September 18, 2009

We interrupt our regular programme....

...of work on the Silver trench, to show you what is on and off my knitting needles! I have been desperate to start some summer knitting - the new summer yarns were delivered to the shop about 3 weeks ago and I have been itching to start something with them! I made myself wait until I had finished what was on my needles, once it was finished I started on a new project! Which is why nothing was done on my silver trench coat today!

Yes, I spent almost my entire day off knitting!!! I feel slightly guilty about it - but hey, it doesn't happen very often - and I did wash and hang out 4 loads of washing in between :-) One of the reasons I feel guilty is because I have got a sewing job to do for good friends of ours and I am putting it off - I have to make 5 curtain tie-backs! I will make it my mission to finish them next week - promise!!!

This wrap/scarf is knitted in Cleckheaton Bamboo 4 ply. It is a delicious silky yarn and has a lot of weight to it! I have to confess I started this last summer *hangs head in shame*! But, I have been very focused on getting it finished and promised myself (and my friends!) that I wouldn't start anything else (knitting that is) until I had finished it. All I have to do is sew the buttons on :-)

It isn't that easy to photograph but the long edges button up so far to become sleeves - in the photo I have shaped it slightly to show how it will be when I am wearing it.

The buttonholes are quite small and there are 7 on each side, these are the buttons I have chosen, beautiful paua shell buttons!

Now, you may be fooled into thinking that this new project is the same colour - but let me assure it isn't. Well, it may be a similar colour, but the shade is quite different! This one is much more intense and strong than the 4 ply. I Love This Yarn!! It is beautiful to knit with!! I haven't got a picture of the garment but it is a Sirdar Sublime Soya Cotton DK yarn and I am making a sleeveless garment with a twist at waist level that holds the two fronts together. I will try and scan the picture and post it later.

I keep forgetting that I am only working Thursday and Saturday morning next week! We have a young friend coming to stay for a week, the last time I saw her she was about 5 - now she is in her early twenties!!! She has decided to come and live and work in New Zealand for a while and is staying with us for her first week to find her feet. I will spend some time with her, help her open a bank account etc and generally help her acclimatise to a new country. Although the culture in NZ isn't a million miles away from the culture in UK, it will still be pretty daunting for her. Hopefully we can help her settle in and show her the ropes - and let her know that in NZ a pack of crisps becomes a pack of chips/chippies, a portion of chips becomes a scoop of hot chips,
sweets are called lollies and ice lollies are called ice blocks!! All the important things .... of course!

I hope to get some time to do a bit of sewing on my trench as I would like to finish it soon.


Sharon said...

I just love your heading, and your wrap/scarf is such a lovely colour and those buttons.

I have also been bitten by the knitting bug this year. I am slowly knitting a shawl collar jacket in Touch possum yarn and then saw a great pattern on Amanda's blog for the Green Gable pattern and it just found it's way to my home.

I hope your young friend settles in well and your tips on the local language will be invaluable.

Debbie said...

I'm so pleased to see the finished article! Makes me feel so bad I'll have to get last year's Summer knitting finished as well!!!

Don't forget to tell your friend about the togs, jandals and the jug as well!

kiltsnquilts said...

Sharon, I sometimes have trouble coming up with an imaginative title for my posts - so thanks :-)
Debbie, you can tell I had my mind on food when I wrote that - yes, togs, jandals and the jug - good ones to remember!