Saturday, September 12, 2009

Silver trench - slow progress!

Debbie asked for a progress report on the silver trench - the report is 'my progress is slow'!! It took me longer than I thought it would to cut out the fabric and lining - I forgot how much I hate having to add the seam allowance to BWOF patterns! I remember that I used to add them at the tracing stage so may do that next time. I am just about to cut out all the interfacing pieces. I will interface the top of the sleeve pieces as well as the top part of the front and back. The pattern interfaces the complete front but they only used a stretch satin for the trench - I am confident that my fabric will hold up to not having quite as much interfacing as that but will stabilise the chest area and upper back, I want it to keep it's fluidity and not be too 'stiff'.

I still have enough lining to line a skirt - I know it is a long way off but I am going to base next winters wardrobe around grey as my neutral. I already have quite a few pieces of fabric that will make great basics for next winter and I am discovering that I really love grey! It is as versatile as black, possibly more so as it looks great with brown, tan, navy and everything black looks good with. I can wear black but grey in all it's shades is so much more interesting :-)

Off to the sewing room, fingers crossed I will get some actual sewing done later on this afternoon!!


Heather said...

Looking forward to seeing your progress on your coat. I agree with you about grey being versatile and can see it being very flattering on you. I am starting to add some grey to my wardrobe as well now that my natural hair color is growing in. I used to wear a lot of brown but am surprised that it doesn't seem to flatter so well anymore.

Fran said...

Grey is a wonderful neutral and striking with our hair color!

kiltsnquilts said...

Thank you Fran, I am fast discovering how good a neutral it is! Heather, I was exactly the same with the brown! I used to use it a lot as a neutral when I still coloured my hair, but it doesnt' suit me at all anymore. I have been working on the idea of choosing a neutral by taking colours from my hair and my eyes - although my eyes are hazel so if that is right brown should still suit me!?! Oh well, I don't feel good in it anymore so what better reason not to wear it :-)