Friday, September 25, 2009

Slow & Steady on the Silver trench

Progress hasn't been exactly speedy on my trenchcoat this week - but that's ok. I have managed to fit in small bouts of sewing and have put the lining together, stitched it to the facing, made the collar and pressed the hems up on the sleeves and coat. I am on track for finishing next week in time to wear it away to Wellington for my trip to the World of Wearable Arts. I am very pleased with it so far, fingers crossed it all goes together without a hitch. The only thing I am not sure about is what to do with the sleeve tabs. They are supposed to have a buckle on them but I can't find any locally. I may have to do a temporary job of securing them and look for a couple of buckles when I am in Wellington. I don't think I am going to put a buckle on the belt but I may do if I see one I like.
.......lining attached to the facings.

..........collar stands stitched to the main collar - thankfully these came out well as I substituted a different stand from another BWOF pattern, the original one had a full stand and I didn't really like the look. this melon shaped one was suggested by a member of Stitchers Guild and it is perfect.
.........I top stitched very close to the seam on both sides.

........this is the finished collar. I left it pinned to my tailors ham for a while to shape it - the wrinkles around the back neck don't show up so much 'in real life'!
so, next step is to attach sleeves to main coat, attach lining and collar and then sort out lining hems etc. I have left a seam open in the lining in the hope that I can bag line it. I plan to turn the sleeves inside themselves and machine the lining to the hem and then catch stitch the hem to the seam allowances. Hopefully it will work. I can't hand stitch on this fabric and I dont' really want a machine stitched hem - if it doesn't work I will machine stitch the hems. I mustn't forget to make the belt and belt carriers - and indeed attach the belt carriers before I put the lining in Lol!

I am still enjoying the process of making this trench - I hope I enjoy wearing it as much!


Sharon said...

It is coming along nicely and will keep my fingers crossed you find some buckles you like.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Great to see the progress. Have you tried eBay for buckles?

Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP said...

Wow - that colour will look great on you! Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting. Also, as you're in NZ - an image consultant friend of mine is looking for a great tailor to send her clients to for suits (women) wondering if you knew anyone who provided such a service?