Sunday, July 25, 2010

Crafternoon Tea

I had a lovely afternoon at the Govett Brewster art gallery for their Crafternoon Tea. It is linked with a new exhibition by Yin Xiuzhen, part of which is this amazing installation of weapons! All of them are covered in knitting. On the floor was what looked like a huge knitted circular mattress - which turned out to be 1'000 scarves wound in a spiral - it was called Unbearable Warmth and is to symbolise the pressure that can come from parents and grandparents, particularly for those children who don't have siblings and carry the expectations and hopes of not only their parents but also their grandparents. Very interesting. I know I wasnt' the only one who wanted to dive on it and lounge around Lol. I am just annoyed that I didn't charge my camera battery in time!

On 15th August there is another event for Guerilla knitting which I plan to attend. It was like being part of a large knitting group.

Another part of the exhibition is the giant scarf they have there that is being worked on by anyone who cares to. It will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to a charity of the artists choice. The scarf has 88 stitches and is being knitted in white, to represent luck and purity.

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