Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Niece and finished baby blanket :-)

My new niece has arrived safe and sound. I was honoured to be at her birth and to be the person to dress her for the very first time :-)

After making great progress on the baby gift for her I had come to a standstill with the borders...but I finally finished it over the weekend. It has been washed and blocked and has turned out beautiful! I love it......and so does my Sister In Law (don't know about the baby yet, haven't really asked her Lol)

I realise it is not a conventional baby blanket....but nor is my SIL! It was knitted in Sirdar Eco Wool which is Undyed Natural Wool and the borders are cast off in red.

Sorry, the photo's aren't great but I will try and link to the pattern online if I can. It is called the 'Stanley blanket' and designed by Julie Bernhardt.

Got to go, late for work - will come back later and try to link this post!


Sharon said...

Congratulations on the safe arrival of your niece and I'm sure she will love the blanket.

How was Hamilton?

Have just got back from the week long ASG Convention in Ballarat, great time but it sure wears you out LOL.

Digs said...

I love the natural colours, and I'm sure the wonderful softness of it. The four diamonds are a great touch, too. This reminds me of when I was expecting my son, and made crib sheets and blanket out of strong-coloured Canadian provincial tartans (in soft cotton flannel) rather than conventional baby blue florals. We were overseas, and I loved having my baby wrapped in shades of Canada! Over a decade later, he still insists on having his Maple Leaf blanket as a topper over the normal sized douvet (undoubtedly, he'll take it with him when he leaves home).

kiltsnquilts said...

How lovely that your son still loves the blanket Digs, he will always think of you if he takes it with him :-)

Kiki Polglase said...

Just 'called in' on you after such a long time and was delighted to see this baby blanket. I think it is absolutely lovely and because it is not simply 'cutsey' it will be a lovely keepsake to accompany him through his life ! x

Kiki Polglase said...

Sorry, what AM I like ????

She is a your Niece...! x