Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy colours, roll on summer.

A little while ago Heather left a comment on one of my posts with a phrase she had read - 'act and then get motivated'. I used that advice on that occasion and it worked, so I am going to use it again :-)

Tonight my DH is at a meeting so I dragged my backside off the couch, where I could easily have spent the evening with my book and the tv, and cut out a Hot Patterns Metropolitan Superfly Skirt. I used some dark inky blue denim that I have a roll of - at least 15 metres!! I bought it for $9, that was the whole roll for $9, not per metre!! Anyway, back to the skirt. Very simple, four pieces, front and back darts, top stitching and a fly front zip.
One of the things I love about this pattern is that it has a contrast bias cut hem facing - I love the fact that I can have a totally different fabric that only shows in small glimpses when I sit or walk. I used this emerald and white stripe cotton that I also have a roll of - not sure how much but at least 6 metres (and this one cost me $3!!) I love emerald green but it isn't a colour I have ever worn - well that is about to change........... much do I love these sandals?? I bought them when the summer styles first came into the shops - not something I normally do because I am usually worried I will see something I like better later on, then I wait and don't find anything I like as much and, as often as not, the original ones have sold out!!! Not this time! These were coming home with me for sure. I have had them out of the box and tried them on at various times since I brought them home, but I haven't worn them yet - still too cold for me to get my toes out Lol!

I think a plain white t-shirt will be good with this outfit - and the purple ring you can just see in the pic. I just love green and purple, it makes me happy :-)
This weekend I am away for another sewing weekend at Isobel's. I have got two strip quilts cut out, but I am very tempted to take my skirt! Lots of people there to help with fit and hem length - I might just pick up a zip tomorrow and make sure I have everything I need in case I feel the urge. There are a couple of us in our small sewing group who make garments, and it is my choice what I work on, just have to decide if I want to take my overlocker with me and all the extras I will need - doing patchwork requires less 'stuff'! Then again I would love a skirt to wear next week.
I will let you know what I decide - I may well stay up all night and do both :-)


Sharon said...

Enjoy your weekend, that is part of the fun trying to figure out what to take, but having fitting buddies around would make the decision very easy for me LOL.

The green and purple are such happy colours and I look forward to seeing your completed skirt.

gwensews said...

What a fun skirt! Oh, I can't wait to see it finished!

Linda T said...

Oh, hurry up and make this skirt--I want to see it! Love the green too!

Heather said...

I love those sandals! That shade of green and navy are always my favourites for spring. Can't wait to see the skirt finished and on you!

kiltsnquilts said...

Thanks for all the enthusiasm about the skirt. I have decided I will take it and work on it over the weekend - in reality it shouldn't take that long, the zip will be the most time consuming part.

See you after the weekend :-)