Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mid-week murmerings!

This will be a weird Wednesday...because I am having my day off today instead of Friday! It feels strange already and it is only just past 9am!

Thank you all for putting up with my slight negativity in my last post, I feel much better now :-) I gave myself a good talking to and loved the motto Heather posted in her comment - I have decided to 'act and then get motivated'! From past experience I know that if I start to see results I will feel more encouraged so this saying has lots of truth - it is my new phrase! Who says you have to be motivated before you attempt something? Attempt it first and then motivation will follow!

I tried on the red skirt from my last post - and guess what? It is too BIG! I remember feeling awful in this when I made it, apart from being cheesed off that the zip wasn't right and the yoke seam wasn't in the most flattering place - but when I tried it on yesterday it is at least 2" too big round my waist! So...obviously that has given me a big boost and I intend to finish it today to wear over the weekend when we have our local Quilt Show (we will be there with the shop). I really love the applique on this skirt - it was an idea I saw on a RTW skirt - which is probably why I wanted to save the skirt rather than just toss it in the bin!
I will post photos later :-)

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gwensews said...

Congratulations on obviously having lose wieght. Good for you! Enjoy the show and wear that beautiful skirt.